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     Armed with experience operating in an Italian luxury knitting mill, Khanh saw an opportunity to bridge a gap between design and manufacturing.

      That’s how KBN knitwear was born :  a studio with a collaborative approach, enabling fashion designers to dialogue with garment developers, so they can build impactful knit products together.

       KBN Knitwear was founded by Khanh Brice Nguyen, a French Vietnamese knitwear designer established in London and creative director of his namesake fashion label.
     Khanh first collaborated with other designers on developing their knit collections.
Despite the commercial success of those collaborations, bringing them into production was challenging, as factories aren’t accessible to independent brands.

Founding Story

Founding Story

Our Standards


Knitwear should be accessible wether you’re an established luxury brand or an independent designer. We value diversity and collaboration with designers from different cultural backgrounds.


A memorable brand comes with memorable knits. We will collaborate to translate your ideas into  recognizable, signature items integral to your brand image.


As brand owners, we are mindful of the market viability of your designs. We are challenging to develop high quality, innovative garments but within your target production and retail plan.


We prioritise purposeful craftmanship against overproduction. From our team of creative technicians in London, to ethical partner factories and yarn suppliers, our entire production line respects craftspeople and values the environment.


We support brands with a purpose to shape their vision into signature knitwear.

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